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Sangha Founder

Marsha Linehan, Ph.D. Rōshi

Dr. Linehan has studied Spiritual Direction under the guidance of Rev. Tilden Edwards and Gerald May, M.D. and Christian Contemplation under the personal guidance of Fr. Willigis Jaeger, O.S.B., Koun Rōshi a Benedictine Monk and a Zen master. She formally began Zen practice in 1986 as a student of Fr. Willigis Jaeger Rōshi and in 2002 as a student of Fr. Pat Hawk Rōshi (1942-2012). She has translated aspects of both Zen and contemplative practices into behaviorally specific instructions for mindfulness practice that can be taught to clients in 

psychotherapy. She received Dharma Transmission as a Zen Master in the Diamond Sangha (of the Harada-Yasutani tradition (Sanbo-Kyodan-School) from Pat Hawk in April, 2012.  She was confirmed as a Zen Master in the Empty Cloud (Leere Wolke) Sangha by Willigis Jaeger in June, 2012.


Dr. Linehan is now fully retired, and no longer personally participates in retreats.  Empty Cloud Sangha continues her legacy.

Empty Cloud Mission 

To foster the teachings of Zen, as adapted to Western cultural forms and traditions; provide training in the disciplines, practices and devotions of Zen; and provide suitable surroundings, instruction and support for the teaching and practice of Zen. The Empty Cloud Sangha is incorporated as a private not for profit organization we practice Zen in the tradition of  “Leere Wolke” -Empty Cloud – Formed by Willigis Jager

“There’s never a good time for Mindfulness, and there’s never a bad time. 


Mindfulness is one of those things you simply do, because if you practice being aware - completely open to the universe, just exactly as it is - you will transform your life in time.” 


-Marsha M. Linehan, Roshi


Sangha Teacher

Randy Wolbert Rōshi 


Randy Wolbert LMSW, Zen Röshi, (Jak-Un- Serene Cloud) is a former DBT trainer with Behavioral Tech and Zen Master with Empty Cloud Sangha. Randy trains and consults widely throughout the world, directing several large-scale system implementations. 


Randy is a long time Zen Student of Marsha Linehan and Greg Mayers.  He was recognized by Willigis Jaeger as a Zen teacher in 2016 and was confirmed as a Zen teacher in 2018 by Marsha Linehan. In 2021 he received transmission as a dharma heir of Zen Master (Röshi) Greg Mayers. He has led mindfulness workshops and Zen mindfulness retreats in the US, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Egypt, Jordan, and Germany.


Randy is also a voting member of the Board of Directors. 

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Meet The Board

Rock in Sand

Ronda Reitz

President 2023

Martin StAndre 2023.png

Martin St-André

Vice President 2023

Ethics Committee Chair

Rock Balancing

Christal Rothrock

Secretary 2023

Communications Committee Chair

Rock Maze

Susie Glinka

Treasurer 2023

By-laws Committee Chair

Rock in Sand

Julianne Ballon-Casement

Member at Large

Scholarship Committee Chair

Rock Balancing

Caleb Reese

Member at Large

Membership Committee Chair

Rock Balancing

Geraldine Rodriguez

Member at Large


Joni Bennett

Executive Director

Not a voting member

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