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Empty Cloud Sangha Scholarship Committee

Mission statement:

To promote the practice of Zen by supporting all beings in exploring and
deepening their spiritual practice.

History and Meaning

Giving Without Expectation

"Dana comes from Indian Sanskrit and roughly translates into gift, alms, or donation.  It is regarded as one of the most important virtues of all mystical practices including Zen.  In Zen it is known as dana paramita or perfect giving. The giving of gifts is done without attachment.  Giving without expectation of return.  It is also known as the practice of mutually dependent arising."  

 - Roshi Randy

In our sangha's practice of giving, the Empty Cloud Sangha Scholarship Committee is pleased to announce the first Tucson retreat scholarship! Applicants chosen will receive assistance to resolve the financial barriers to attending the retreat. Please follow the link below to learn more about the scholarship process, and to access the scholarship application. 

Scholarship Applications

Scholarship applications are currently closed.  Our scholarship committee will be releasing information about upcoming scholarships for zen sesshins in the near future.


Please make sure to join our email list for notification of future scholarship opportunities!

Want to help support scholarships? 

100% of donations given through this link will go directly to fund scholarships for participants in zen sesshins and trainings. 

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