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Zazen - Thursday Sits

Zazen is the practice of silent, seated meditation.



We offer an open invitation to practice Zazen virtually with other members of the Sangha. Zazen is the practice of silent, seated meditation. We sit as a Sangha to demonstrate our interconnectedness as One.


Join us every Thursday at: 

9pm Brazil Time (São Paulo)



We request attendees wear modest clothing and have a private area to practice that is not visually distracting to others. Please login before the starting time, keep your camera on and sound off, and stay for the duration of the Zazen period to allow everyone the opportunity to practice together in silence. The bell will ring three times to start 20 minutes of Zazen and ring once to end.

To Join

Meetings are held via Zoom.  No registration is necessary. Click the button below to enter the session, or copy/paste the following link.

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